It really was a Night in Tunisia!

Awesome! Musicians, riding on the camel,  five star hotel and red carpet treatment, plus beautiful weather and people! I felt so fortunate. Concert was tremendous and filmed! Six radio and press interviews, along with a photographer and in house reviewer…

Salford U.

While it was cool and damp upon arrival, perched next to the BBC, this very contemporary university was so modern - just my cup of tea! I loved it. The classrooms, wall of twitter, wall of dvds, and the bathrooms…

Georgia State U.

It is great when communication can go so smoothly so that 'a poster can say it all'. A lot of thought has gone into my research on vocal improvising. I am happy to share with so many people in such…

April Showers with Activities!!

April ia just around the corrner and I have just completed the poster of my research Vocal Ecosystem for the Improving Brain Symposium at Georgia State University from April 6-9! Very exciting!
I have allso just put the finishing…

March Skype & Radio Activities!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!
It has been super busy and great to spend some time with Skype students as I begin to edit my new CD materials with plans for releasing in May. There are vocal competitions in…

Thanks California!!! Winter Tour 2013

I met so many people on this tour. It was simply incredible! I want to thank Denise and Jeri especially for the social networking. Between the red carpet events (Oscars) and all of the parties, I was elevated to an…

Musician's Institute 2013 Winter Artist Residency

I keep saying the same thing, but it is true. It was a blast working with singers and choral groups while serving as an artist-in-residence there. Thanks to Andrea Calderwood and Don Claydon for your support and generosity. I am…

CAAM-Mar. 3

What a wonderful event. I thoroughly enjoyed performing, meeting and mingling. The up-and-coming artistry was inspiring, also. And the extra bonus was having a chance to be on live radio with The Oracle before the show. That was very cool…

Savannah Jazz in San Francisco Feb. 15 & 16

My favorite venue of the tour. Those two nights with my crack band was avant garde inspiring. Looking forward to it again! Weather was lovely and so was the wonder sites. And the food - yes, the food was super…

Thank you Catalina Bar & Grill in Los Angeles! Feb. 12

It was a blast performing, recording and filming here. I never knew a Tuesday gig could be so much fun! Thanks to my A listed jazz team: Trevor Ware, Clayton Cameron and Woody Woods! Ivan Zawinul on sounds - tremendous…
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