“One of the top 50 jazz vocalists of all time.” 

- Jazz Magazine

Committed to the legacy of vocal jazz, Jeri  carved her own musical path in spectacular international  recordings for Justin Time Records and Jongleur Records, over a 30-year illustrious performance and recording career, consistently conveying her artistic signature, filling the historical spectrum of classic American songbook themes, and original and classic jazz compositions. Poet, fantasy writer, vocal artist and educator, Jeri Brown is an African American griotte (vocal artist, educator, vocalist, researcher, writer of praise and love songs of creative fiction and nonfiction, producer, composer activist of minority matters expressed in rights & ritual songs). Described as three-dimensional, to the up and down (a four-octave range), Brown's voice has an in and out, a plasticity of dynamics stretched and deepened by changes of vowel and tonal color, from breathy contralto to high flute- like tones.  Like Betty Carter and Sarah Vaughan Brown's approach to a song is as an instrument. Brown's  perfectly pitched rich complex voice,  afforded Jeri Brown a lifetime of vocal experiences in jazz, pop and spiritual to avant-garde, classical and musical theatre  earning her a reputation as one of jazz' most outstanding “artistic" vocalists including the distinction from the French publication Jazz Magazine as one of top 50 jazz vocalists of all time. 

"I love the challenge of a musical moment, the immediacy of it."  As part of the civil rights era of the 60s and 70s in St. Louis I was bused to an all-white school and witnessed a lot of racist events. We had separate lunches, gym times, and white folks in the community where we went to school  said nasty things. They threw nasty things. An emerging athletic artist, I often wanted to stay after classes for coaching and practice with classmates. but I so afraid in the community of the school. I thought I might be harmed in some way. It was not so rosy to be privileged to learn more while being in  fear of one's life. This stuff runs deep in my childhood memories and continued throughout my performance and educational career. As no stranger to the marches, sit-ins and arrests in my past, I have continued to advocate for peace. With stage, recordings and films as my platforms,  I was never a diva adorned in a beautiful dress, kept like an urn on a mantel. I was a warrior, my own kind of soldier with a mission for equality. I believe artists have the ability to affect humanity and spirituality always. And if not now, when?"

Jeri Produces, Directs and Performs in THE SPIRIT COMES THROUGH.

Jeri sings in GO WHERE I SEND THEE.